Holidaying in Lithuania

Those intending to travel for holiday have got numerous destinations to choose from. A large percentage of the tourists will flock countries such as France, England and Ireland so as to have a feel of the European culture. Lithuania is one of the holiday destinations that are not widely known. However, those who have discovered this destination and caught a flight to the capital can testify to the fact that it is a great holiday destination.

Unmasking Lithuania

Lithuania is a holiday destination that is yet to be discovered. The population of this country is among the least in the world. The country is surrounded by dense forest and also lakes. The locals mainly speak the Russian language though at least thirty five percent of them are able to read, write and speak English. Most of those conversant with English are drawn from the younger generation. The tourists can engage in various water sports since the country is surrounded by water.

When it comes to nature, Lithuania is endowed with scenic natural beauty. The rich history and cultural heritage of the people make this destination quite admirable. The people are warm, hospitable and friendly since they understand the impact that tourism has on the economy.

It is advisable to look for the services of the travel agencies when planning for a holiday in Lithuania. The benefit of this is that one can get cheap travel options. Good deals on flights and accommodation are available in Lithuania. Since language is such a barrier in this destination, one should look for the services of a tour guide. The advantage of having a guide is that it becomes easier to move around the city and explore this destination in totality.

Places to visit

There are many destinations that can be visited while in this country. Some good examples are The Park of Europe, Folk Life, Grutas Park and Devils Museum among others. Some of these attractions sites are not offered publicly by the travel agencies and hence some research would be beneficial.

The Food

Lithuania has a few traditional delicacies that are served in most of the restaurants. Notably, international cuisines are also served in some of the restaurants so as to serve the diverse needs of the clients.

The hotels in Lithuania are similar to those in other parts of Europe. The prices of accommodation vary and hence those on a low budget can look for cheaper bed and breakfast inns, apartments and hostels.